Posted by: parphotos | March 9, 2010

Tuesday March 9, 2010

All photos shot with Nikon D300 with 120-400mm Sigma f/4.5-5.6  DG APO OS HSM lens. Edited with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS4. Noise controlled with Imagenomic Noiseware Professional. All pics shot handheld in Aperture Priority.

f/ 5.6 @ 400mm 1/400 sec. iso 400.

f/ 5.6 @ 400mm 1/80 sec. iso 400.

Wild cat that hangs around. f/ 5.0 @ 135mm 1/80 sec. iso 200.

f/ 5.0 @ 185mm 1/80 sec. iso 400.

f/ 5.3 @ 220mm 1/13 sec. iso 200.



  1. LOVE these. What kind of bird is the first shot? Where was that shot?

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