Posted by: parphotos | July 2, 2012

July 2 2012

My back is still not doing to good. Went to the doctor on June 29 2012 he give me 2 nerve blocks, 1 for my left leg and 1 in a new nerve that never has been shot up before. I am having alot of pain in my hips, back, and left leg. They upped my pain meds to include Percocet which I have to take daily, a couple a day lately. If I don’t get any better in 3 weeks I will have to go back for more nerve blocks.

I have not been able to take pictures on a regular basis or process them on a regular basis so my posts will be every now and then until I get better. Who knows how long that will be, I haven’t had many good days since November 2011.

I did manage to get out and take these photos of some owls that were living behind our house.

Shot on June 8 2012 with Nikon D300 with 70-200mm Nikkor VR1 lens.

Mom owl.

Mom owl shot at a distance.

2 baby owls in same tree, they don’t look much like babies anymore.

3rd baby owl.



  1. Pat
    I totally lovemaking the pictures. You ha w a good eye and the camera catches the colors amazingly.
    So sorry your in so much pain. Sure wish the doctors could figure out some sort of pain management that works for you. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless

    • Sorry for the miss spelled words. Darn phone has its own brain. I have to learn to preview before sending.

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