Posted by: parphotos | October 5, 2013

Saturday October 5 2013

All photos shot with Nikon D300 70 – 200mm Nikkor VR1 lens.

Shot these 3 photos on September 27 2013 at Whitelake in Whitehall Michigan in the early morning.

28101 whitelake early morning1

28114 going fishing early morning

28117 fog on whitelake early morning

The rest were shot at Ducklake State Park in Michigan

28172 sharon taking a picture

Sharon sitting on small beach taking a picture of ???

28176 otherside of lake1

The other side of the lake. The trees come down the hill to the lake.

28177 one of the trails

A trail that has a sidewalk, good for the handicapped. Will be real nice for me when I get my wheel chair.

28182 a bees nest

We stopped to rest and we were looking around and right above us was this bees nest.

28183 otherside of lake2

Another shot of the other side of the lake.

28197 same trail2

The same trail almost half way down the path.

28207 same trail3

Same trail almost to the end, when I took the picture it looked like someone was standing in the woods at the end of the trail. As I got closer I realized it was a tree stump.

We ran into some small game hunters while we were at the park. It is hunting season in Michigan, so if you go into the woods wear your orange.


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