Posted by: parphotos | May 21, 2014

May 21 2014

I shot these on February 14 2014 at Muskegon channel. Shot with Nikon D300 with 120 – 400mm Sigma OS lens.

I don’t know all the duck names but I looked up most of them. The ones I could find are.

Long tailed duck, Common Golden-eye, White winged scoter, Redheaded duck, Greater blue bill scaup, Lesser scaup.

D300_29090_duck1 muskegon chanel

D300_29093_two ducks1 muskegon chanel1

D300_29113_ducks4 muskegon chanel

D300_29121_duck4 muskegon chanel

D300_29141_ducks4 muskegon chanel

D300_29146_ducks6 muskegon chanel

D300_29153_duck5 muskegon chanel

D300_29159_swan an ducks1

D300_29163_two ducks2 muskegon chanel

D300_29167_three ducks1 muskegon chanel

D300_29171_duck7 muskegon chanel

D300_29176_red headed duck muskegon chanel

D300_29181_duck runing on water1 muskegon chanel

D300_29189_duck runing on water2 muskegon chanel

D300_29199_ducks muskegon chanel lake mi

D300_29202_ducks7 muskegon chanel

D300_29224_duck flying muskegon chanel

D300_29230_spiked hair duck1

D300_29233_spiked hair duck3

Edited in Lightroom 4


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