Posted by: parphotos | August 11, 2014

August 11 2014

Shot these on May 22 2014 at Duck lake. Shot with Nikon D7000 with 70 – 200 mm VR1 lens.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4.

D7000_19762_ducks in ducklake channel

D7000_19758_part of ducklake channel and lake mi early sunset1

D7000_19782_sunset over lake mi2

Sunset over Lake Michigan.

Shot these on May 26 2014 early morning in Whitehall.

D7000_19808_in whitehall early morning

D7000_19813_redwingblackbird flying1

D7000_19824_redwing blackbird1

D7000_19821_blackbird eating whiteriver3

D7000_19817_blackbird eating whiteriver1

D7000_19849_morning in whitehall1



D7000_19836_red winged blackbird2

D7000_19843_baby geese1

D7000_19870_baby geese3

D7000_19877_mom and baby geese1

D7000_19875_mom dad and baby geese1

D7000_19863_geese coming in for landing3

D7000_19862_geese coming in for landing2

Have not been able to get out as much as I would like.


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