Posted by: parphotos | November 12, 2014

November 12 2014

All photos shot with Nikon D7000 with 70 – 200 mm Nikkor lens.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4.

Shot on July 18 2014 at Whitelake Michigan

D7000_20478_two ducks

Unknown ducks in whitelake.

D7000_20489_odd colored squirrel

odd colored squirrel.

D7000_20494_mom 3 little swans1

swan with 3 babies. I have been taking pics of this family of swans since spring.

D7000_20497_three little swans1

3 babies left.

D7000_20499_three little swans2

Shot on July 20 2014 at Whitelake Michigan.

D7000_20502_flying eagle with redwinged blackbird following

Red winged blackbird chasing a Eagle.

D7000_20516_female goldfinch whitelake2

Female Gold finch.

D7000_20524_redwinged blackbird looking for breakfast2

Red winged blackbird looking for breakfast.

D7000_20531_redwinged blackbird6

D7000_20536_duck whitelake2

Unknown duck.

D7000_20543_redwinged blackbird at takeoff1

Red winged black bird at takeoff.

D7000_20545_maybe a sparrow1

Some kind of Sparrow.

D7000_20549_maybe a sparrow3



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