Posted by: parphotos | April 29, 2015

Wednesday April 29 2015

All photos shot with Nikon D300 with 70 – 200 mm Nikkor VR1 lens.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop 4.

Shot these on January 23 2015.

D300_30277_flowers in the snow1

D300_30283_flowers in the snow2

D300_30285_flowers in the snow3

these flowers were growing in a planter in the snow in front of someones home.

Shot these on February 7 2015 near pier Marquette at Lake Michigan

D300_30302_sun shining on lake mi2

D300_30305_people on ice at lake mi2

D300_30320_people on ice at lake mi3

D300_30330_people on ice at lake mi4

D300_30334_people on ice at lake mi5

People on ice.

D300_30339_pier marquette north pier light house2

People on ice at Pier Marquette North Light house.

D300_30291_pier marquette north pier light house

D300_30288_possible ice cave lake mi1

D300_30345_snowman at the beach

Snowman at the beach.

D300_30344_block house winter1

Block house in winter.



  1. I love seeing blooms in the snow. Nice collection of a slice of West Michigan winter.

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