Posted by: parphotos | May 12, 2015

May 12 2015 Tuesday

Shot these on May 3 2015. Shot with Nikon D300 with 70 – 200 Nikkor VR1 lens.

D300_30771_fox squirrel1

fox squirrel

D300_30772_fox squirrel2

D300_30789_sunset at blue lake1

Sunset over Blue Lake in Michigan.

D300_30795_sunset at blue lake2

Shot these on May 7 2015. Shot with Nikon D300 with 120 – 400 Sigma OS lens on a tripod.

D300_30841_geese with babies1

geese with babies.

D300_30835_eagle at sunrise1

Bald Eagle in pine tree.

D300_30846_bald eagle in nest1

Mom Eagle in nest with babies.

D300_30851_bald eagle in nest with babies1

This is a close up of baby eagles with mom in the nest.

Not the best shot I have ever taken, but will have to do.

D300_30852_bald eagles and baby eagles1

Dad Eagle coming back after bringing food to mom and babies.

D300_30853_bald eagle2

I will try to get more photos of the eagle family every week.

Hopefully better photos.



  1. You got some great shots. Just limited by the gear. Need a 600, huh. Or lens extension.

    • yes that would be nice.
      or get closer, but not so close to scare them.

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